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The George Billingsley Northwest Arkansas Razorback Club is pleased to provide this website for the benefit of current and prospective club members.

This site has been generously underwritten by our sponsors:

2015 Corporate Sponsors: First Security, Bear State Financial, Boyce Billingsley, Club Marketing Services, Coleman Company, Everett Chevrolet, Flintco, HPG, KNWA, Lighthouse Financial, New Creature, Inc., Redman & Associates and Riggs & Associates, C.P.A.

2015 Celebrity Scramble Sponsors: Title Sponsor - Holiday Inn, Springdale; Cart Sponsor - Downstream Resort

Check out these sponsors’ web sites by clicking on their logos on the left. Other Event-related sponsors can be found on our Links Page, as well as various Razorback-related links.


2015 Razorback Celebrity Scramble

Sponsored by Holiday Inn - Springdale

Thank you to everyone that participated this year!! Since play was suspended prior to completion of the round, the Bella Vista golf department calculated the winners by adding birdies for any "uncompleted" holes. Ties were broken, based on the rule in the Tourney format information.

Congrats to all of our team and individual winners. For teams, we will get your prizes to the team captain (person who signed you up) For Individual, we will coordinate getting your prizes to you. If anyone has any questions, please contact or Doyle at 479-366-1209.

The raffle ticket for Kingswood course was pulled last night for the Dixon Golf Driver Challenge participants - Bryan Jones from Bumper to Bumper won the custom Aurelius Driver for Kingswood.

The raffle ticket for Berksdale course was pulled earlier today for the Dixon Golf Driver Challenge participants - The winning raffle ticket number is 1314827. Please contact if you are the winner!

Hope everyone had a good time and we look forward to seeing you again in 2016!!

Team Score Results
Blakeman's Jewel 55 1st Place
Groff 56 2nd Place
Lighthouse Financial 56 Card Off
Celebrate Arkansas 57  
Embassy Suites 57  
Bear State Financial 57  
Arvest 58  
Club Marketing 58  
Stafford/Wilson 58  
New Creature 60  
Coleman 60  
Thrailkill, Clyde, Huntze 60  
Advanced Concrete 61  
Smile Center/MRI 61  
Gober,Ridings, Luigs, Johnson 62  
Blakeman, Thrailkill, Walder, Cook 63  
Smith, White, Edmonds 64  
U of A/ Wyrick 51 1st Place
Floyd 56 2nd Place
First Security 1 56 Card Off
Winter Moving 56  
Bumper to Bumper 56  
Billingsly, Jones, Smith, Bielema 57  
Concepts 57  
Redman & Associates 57  
First Security 2 57  
Riggs & Associates 57  
Max Holloway 57  
Intents 1 57  
Intents 2 60  
Holiday Inn-SPR. 60  
Smalling 60  
Downstream Casino 1 60  
Downstream Casino 2 62  
Flintco-Jesse, Chuck, Spencer 63  
Kingswood #10 CTP- Jentry Jones 4'1"    
Kingswood #15 Long Drive -Lyndy Lindsey    
Berksdale #18 CTP-Larry Brian 10'9"    
Berksdale #13 Long Drive- T.J. Lefler    


Go Hogs!


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The George Billingsley Northwest Arkansas Razorback Club is pleased to provide this website for the benefit of current and prospective club members.

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The NWA Razorback Club currently represents approximately 1,300 NWA area households... go to the Club Info page for more information about the club and annual membership.

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